The Deepening Continues

Your quietness, your peaceful joy ripples out like the fragrance of flowers you love. You begin to know at an even deeper level that you do not have to “do” anything. Such enormous change is happening within. Every thought rises clean from the source. You can see the thought as if in slow motion. You see the choice point. Each day more clearly and consciously you choose in the direction of Yes. You choose support, harmony, understanding. You choose upliftment and gracious ease. Old ways do not so much catch you. Those patterns, those pathways are broken and gone. There is a time when you know it, and that time is now.

These days of undisturbed, unhurried freedom allow you such deepening. The confirmations keep coming. What means something to you—that gives you another nod from the universe. Each One of you, in such personal ways, receives acknowledgment. You and the Mother interact, interpret, and understand as the deepening continues.


Each tree in the forest says, “I AM.” Each flower stands as itself, “I AM.” Each rock on the road, each bug, each bird that flies swiftly to the nest is on the wing “I AM.” You, dear children of the growing light, are awakening to your true Selves, pure sparks of God. Any time you know this, you are One with All, the Great I AM. Each instance of knowing strengthens the web of knowing. It grows in you and through you, around you.

We are joyous beyond any of your words for how you are growing in light, which is awareness. They are the same in you. Bless you, beings of growing light.

GlowingWe love your journey.
We love your awakening.
We love your pleasure.
We love your enjoyment.
And we love your silence.

Bless you, every One.

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