In the Expanding Field of Light

We join with you now. We are with you at your first thought or inclination towards us. There is no time in such connection. Only comfort and grace as it flows into you. Let this be your truth, as it is.

Things are going very well. This emotional yearning is for the fullness that you know, to be in the river of light. Be glad you have the awareness to know, to discern, to be in such wholeness. Be glad for this expansive time, which leads only to more. It will be fine, all of it. Dear Ones, we love you. Hear it.

If every day you recognized us—your own Angels—guiding you, loving you, comforting you, helping you, healing you, supporting you, accompanying you in action, supporting you in heartfelt thought, you would only thrive. The more you know this, the less the distractions of a crumbling world will hook you. Let us be with you. We love you.

You do so well through the changing air, the times, and the energies. We ask you to not doubt yourself in this or any other thing. The planets come into better alignment for your receiving. A new level of clarity and broader understanding can be noticed as the fog disperses. It is more than the skies that are clearing. Your mind integrates the light particles. Your inner sight is fed. In so many ways you comprehend more.

We again commend you in your perseverance. How could you turn back now, when your satisfaction is so near? Dear Ones of growing light, we see you as the grand beings you are. We love you in your human aspects and we continually call you forward into your fullness. We know you through everything; we have been with you always. Even the many incarnations are only a portion of our connection.

While we are always near, we do not need you to receive us. It is for your good and the best good of all that such words and vibrations, that such energies come through to you. That is all. We love you without end.

See the good that is emerging in your world, by your sight, by your light, by your wisdom, by your understanding. Simple words; great good. With blessings we are loving you now.


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One Response to In the Expanding Field of Light

  1. donna says:

    I love this transmission. There is a crystal clarity, like a tone resonance from striking a bell. The proximity of the forest seems to be surrounding and infusing you with its peace enhancing your angelic conduit. I feel this reflection too, and am glad to get this written affirmation.


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