Your World Begins Anew

We greet you with clear delight in this new day. The world begins anew today. Every day can be so. Yes. For you who gather here, grace falls all around. Your eyes are soft to notice grace. This is the beginning.

on the lake. JPG

The waves of energetic lovelight have been penetrating all of you for many months. Longer for you who could feel or see early on. But now for everyone the encouragement from the realms of light is stronger than ever before. It means humanity is ready.

The light realms are in accord with the Divine Plan, the Mother’s Plan, and your soul’s plan. It has come to this: Adaptive readiness. You have learned to feel and follow the flow of lovelight. It is natural for you to move in that direction. Now, as you do, inexorably things go well. This is how Awakening happens.

What is new, what is noticeable—the numbers of people affected by the light. Our love is part of your receiving and so the flow goes smoothly. Most people have in their pure hearts some remnant or memory of being loved, being held, being heard in the night, being comforted, being known. Such threads of memory are stirred in this most fluid time. Call it Angels or call it divine support, makes no difference. Something is enlivened. You want more good for all. You look for more ways to have it so. We assist at every turn.

Your lives unfold in the best manner, minute by minute. It is for you that this vast unfolding happens. So you can be the light of the world, which you are. Each of you. Paying attention is the best way forward. Rapid understanding occurs.

We bless you and this connection with you. Let us be the close companions you desire. Talk with us. Say your intentions. Speak out your needs. Feel the answers, our replies, and the responses from the universe. This is how communication grows between us.


Was it in the wind you first felt us? or on the face of the lake? In the shape of the boughs of the tree or in the light on the branches?

We show you in so many ways we are near. Let us love you. Let us assist you now. We love you always and without end.


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