You Are Safe and You Are Nurtured

You are our dear Ones and we can only see you in grace. We support your growth in many ways. When you ask for comfort, it is immediately given. When you ask for clarity, the whirl of others’ thoughts and determinations stops and you are in the pure moment. From there you know what is next to do or say. Doubt is not real in such a configuration of spacetime. Drop into your whole heart. Be glad you have the opportunity to notice, to ask, to open, and to hear, to feel again the trust underlying all that you do.

Ones in other dimensions who love you, who are devoted to your world’s good, they work hard to create larger energy grids above and below your present reality. They help structure the environment that will hold you and receive you as your old world crumbles.

You have had now some sense of the turmoil that is possible. You have seen some faces showing anger and also greedy determination. Know that such tactics move the changes forward too. Throughout the phase of shifting, know in your heart that you are safe. You are nurtured. You are fed by much more than food. For so long you have been ready and alert to subtle changes—in yourself and in the world before your eyes. Now you see more shifting on the surface. Your structures of commerce are the first. Who you are and what you really have of value is your light, your consciousness, your growing sense of self. Bless you all in this time of flux.

The ways of energy use are next to demonstrate dramatic change. Excitement is also in the air because of new possibilities in technological innovation. With the help and whispers from the company of heaven the right people receive the ideas and build them. Many inventions are already made, with more coming every day. Such innovation moves fast. And all to the good.

So even on this one day you have reason to be grateful. You are never alone. Greater forces than you can perceive are guiding you. And those of you who do perceive some of this grace know it for sure and can inspire others.

Keep on in your lightlove life; that is the best way. Our love is with you, surrounding you, assisting you, supporting you. It is so.

All will be well. All will be so well, our dear and precious Ones.

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2 Responses to You Are Safe and You Are Nurtured

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    “Greater forces than you can perceive are guiding you”. Therein is my peace.


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