Be Glad for Your Life in Grace

It is grace to be alive now. The very air thrills with the love of the Mother as it floods through you. Each of you now is a vessel, a vehicle of grace. You can be this easily and consciously. There has never been a time like this and you are in it, alive now, for this grace.

Dear Children of Light, let your hearts feel it. Such grace in your eyes, which can perceive beauty. A small bird hops before your feet in a puddle of fresh rain water, its little eyes bright at the seed found, the wind that lifts it again to flight. In the Mother’s vast and gracious universe you are held even so. Once you know this you cannot be alone or worried or grieved. It is so now—more than ever before, and closer to you.

In this grace is peace found. Not the peace of inactivity, but the radical peace of certainty and trust. Then your dynamic activity can follow, can flow out of you in harmonious endeavors that serve your needs and uphold the good for everyone. It is your new world unfolding around you, with immeasurable blessing.

It is grace to be each the great Self that you are and the more that you are becoming. Such quiet rejoicing in the heart, such power for the complete and total evolution of the spirit, right here and now.


When you say, “Thy will be done,” it is through you now, easily aligned with the divine. Your personal will a sliver of light in the great stream that is moving all of humanity forward. So much grace. More than enough for everyone, every creature and twig and bug. Each sunrise your welcome into another day of majesty. Your unfolding is now, dear and precious Ones.

We are with you, holding you, supporting you, loving you. We are blessing you now in riches. See them around you.

Be blessed. Be grateful. Be glad for your life in grace this very day.

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