The Great Momentum of the Light

There is no missing message and no time lost. Such things are illusions of the crumbling world that has rigid structures, straight lines, and the idea of mistakes. In the higher realms there is circular beauty and intricate, unfolding, illuminating perfection. Now you are seeing the greater beauty that shines through the illusions you once labored under.

We congratulate you for every moment that you simply stand and breathe and bless or thank or appreciate. Every instance where you are present and alive to the richness and abundance of your life—that is for the good. Each time you turn ever so slightly and easily (consciously) more toward the good in your life, you will see that the gifts of your life continue to reveal themselves.

You are the Ones who have this fortunate position—to chose again and still again for the good, for positive aspects, for appreciation, for joy, for beauty. Your own being, your strong light and presence help others to choose too. This is the great momentum of the light.

The old way might say you have not the right to turn from worry and doubt, that these are your responsibilities. We say to you it is not so. Your responsibility is to be a part of the growing light. We aid you and support you as you grow in the light.

The highest, clearest part of you is always aligned with us, with the light and the Godforce, the Mother’s grace and the full unfolding of her Plan. Your world is in the fluid flux of toxic waste and gracious support. What you put your attention on is what you allow. So let us help you. Have your good life, that is built one good moment at a time. Have it now.

We are flooding you now—your body, your head, your shoulders, your arms, your legs, your organs, your fingers and your thoughts—with lovelight. Once you know this feeling you have it.

We love you without end. We go out into the world with you, helping you be the finest expression of kindness, contentment, creativity, harmony, and bliss that you can be. Go with our love.

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One Response to The Great Momentum of the Light

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    What a beautiful, uplifting message: so pure and simple, pure love. Thank you.


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