Beginnings and Endings

I’m good. I’m fortunate. I’m lucky. I’m grateful.

Say these words, Beloved Ones, for they are true. You are marvelous in all your disguises and even in your antics. Do not try to control a world that is crumbling and reassembling into something utterly different and wonderful. Your eyes will soon see splendor.

Your inner knowings are coming “online” if you will say it like that. More quiet within the noise; more sensing what to do or say or not say. Your deeper intelligence is growing; this is something to which you will have increasing and then continual access.

Be patient as your oldest patterns, remnants, threads, and memories of ways you used to do things fade before you, inside you. All to the good.

There is only good coming even if the waves look strong. You will not go under now.


Be strong and brave in the love that enfolds you, Dearest Ones of Light.


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