Getting Ready for Fullness

Dear Children of Gaia, Children of Light,

We help you to receive the incoming light. In massive waves it inflows to you and all. Such a blessing from the Mother as her Plan unfolds, as it moves  rapidly forward for the good of all. Inevitable—yes. Now—yes. For you and with you—yes.

A potent full moon eclipse that much of the world will see. So many eyes looking up at this, called the Mother Moon. So many hearts full of hope and grace and blessing. The true abundance of your world. Not only the eclipse, but the light in your hearts that is increasing exponentially.

Dear Ones, this is the time to be glad. The harvest of your good work is upon you. So great the deeds. While many of you felt you have walked alone—though you never did—you continued steadfast. Now in the days and the nights, these great lights demonstrate before you the precise magnificence with which your universe operates.

Let yourselves bask in the strange dark beauty of the moon. Remember the stunning majesty. Be humbled. And be joyful. You are carriers of consciousness, each day moving toward fullness.

We bless you always.

We bless you tonight.

We bless you under the moon.

We surround you in safety and grace as the fullness reveals itself.

 You are mightily blessed and loved.

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