It Is Natural to Have Angels

We have been leading to this time with you for so long. Now it is here and well done, well held in your hearts. Let us fill you up. Let us shine out from your hands and your hearts, quietly seen and sensed. You have been in training to hold so much lovelight. Now there is no faltering as the flow is fluid and effortless. Let it be so—and still grow.

Call us in. Include all your Guides and Teachers. Let the Hosts commingle with you. You are marvelous beings of light—and so much more. Begin to taste the more, feel it pulsing through you.

In today’s supremely heightened energies, coming together in such a blessed field is a gift for each and for all. The combined power of the entourage can flush out and melt through resistance, fear, or old thoughts of unworthiness. Love & Light & Support are the standards of the time.

To know, accept, realize, and allow the angelic realms into your lives in daily tasks and in your changing emotions becomes a simple Yes, a choice, a knowing with beneficial outcomes for all. It translates in the world as ease.

It is natural to have Angels and to connect with us. Let the wonder of it be in your life, we say to each of you. 

You are all blessed. And still we bless you, each One. Bless you all.

We love you.

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