Wholeness Grows

A new level of recognition and transformation is begun for you and for all. A huge continuing upgrade, which you have been preparing for, and also we have been preparing you for. The intermix is complex and marvelous in its intricate perfection. Be only glad you are alive now. Fireworks belie the bright-light-ness of you.

goldeningYou are in it and cannot see it, yet the clarity of your evolving environment is a mirror and measure. The words are inaccurate to the scope.

Accuracy is a changing dynamic now, incalculable by your machines. Finer technologies emerge quickly as your knowing calls them into manifestation.

Be ready for the next tumultuous move through breaking–up and coming into bursting forth. So much consciousness-changing input, near to overload. Yet for the good of all gains expression. The Ascension is happening. It’s happened in you, a number of times already. The rainbow body. The golden light flow. The feeling of grace.

We are holding the sweep of your mind in our embrace. These energetic thought streams begin to formulate down as you focus. In such ways you feel easier, more receptive, trusting, and more open. Immediately you know gratitude. Then we are connected.

If you want to imagine a great radiant light billowing all around you, entering your crown and [in this case], flowing sweetly and directly to your shoulder and arm, so the light begins to slip out as the pencil touches the paper. This is how the subtle energy is imprinted; this is one way others can receive it. Fully and easily: Live timeless light.

Each of you receives in the precise way that is best for your soul growth and evolution at this time. Nothing is amiss. Be glad for your life. We love you now and always. 

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