Highest Quality Light

There are quite a lot of distractions to pull at any vestiges of old-world mind. Yet every day there are more of you tuning in to the new-world mind instead. Your efforts are noticed and felt by your allies and the Company of Heaven.

You are being bombarded with the highest quality light, which carries with it increasing empowerment. So you feel yourselves getting clearer about what is true and stronger in your intentions for good.

Day by day you notice breakthroughs in your thoughts. Maybe it is that some thoughts simply do not arise any more.

There is more light energy emitted to you each day than has ever before been possible or permitted. Now you of humanity receive it. So many of you on so many paths realizing yourselves and each other.

Awakened Ones live everywhere. You come into affinity for the greater good of Gaia.


She [Gaia] is an Archangel who nourishes you. And now, as you live longer in the light and throw down to her ground your old-world ways and thoughts, she is fed. Believe us, she composts your grief and disappointments to weave this cloak of beauty as Terra Gaia. These things that do you no good become the symbols of your transformation.

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