The Direct Connection

You are beloved and supported. You are doing so well, each and every One of you. Yes. Your particular and unique movement through your own material is your path. The inevitability of your rise in consciousness is assured. You can’t get it wrong. You can be aided and assisted by the many beings who love you. We, the Angels, are in service to the Mother by our support of you.

Yes, dear Ones, the direct connect is possible, is real, is yours for the asking. As simple as that. Yes.radiant energy field

Years of connecting make the light road an open channel, then a pure expanded field. It need not have noticeable edges. We mean constant contact, or from your view, immediate contact. It is so.

Because you have cultivated your subtle awareness, you can perceive the changes as they happen. Even if your vocabularies are not able to convey the nuances of the transformations, you still do perceive them. And that perception helps you. It strengthens that fine way of seeing. It hones it and it enhances it. All by your attention.

Yes, there are many major changes and developments in your world this day. The outcomes will assuredly by good, but the progression may be rough. Again, call on the help that you have. It will all work out. Everybody wins in Ascension.

The purpose of this phase of passage is for you to acknowledge and enhance your subtle awareness and perception. Give attention to your insights, intuitions, and dreams. Let the many ways of knowing inform you. Your own Angels as your field of Light protect you. Pay attention. It is your birthright to be in direct revelation with the spirit world.

We love you now and always.

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