Blessing Every One

Yes, dear Ones, we were blessing you in your fifth-dimension sight, which is your love sight. You saw the ladders of light, or pillars as they are sometimes called. You saw this light peopled by Angels, so you could have the sense of our multitudes.

pillars of light

There is no end to the love in form that inflows to Gaia and her rising humanity now. You put that vision, that multitude into the collective consciousness. You saw the Angels of the Most High descending, arriving. That glory shall be yours—all of you—to see and know and live. You see why we say Hallelujah! Hallelujah indeed.

Now is the time for steady growing faith, joy, and full disclosure of the hidden truths. Now is the time for insight to increase, for love to deepen and spread further through you.

Send love and light as you do. Enjoy the flowering and know, indeed, what matters.

Hold in your hearts peace, love, and divine joy. Joy is the door now becoming your home. Treasure your precious self.

We love you. We love you all and every One.

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One Response to Blessing Every One

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    Feeling so bogged down with ‘realities’ in this world. Thank you for raising my sights.


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