Like Never Before

A new world awaits you, dear Ones, like never before. It has never been this precisely aligned point in “time.” Now the forward-thinking world grows greater even as the hate-holders recede. If you do not read the “headlines,” but heed the heart’s telling, you can feel the many natural and inherent advances of goodness, good will, clear thinking, and genuine compassion. Right action can arise from these.

We see ahead for you, our most esteemed Children of Light. And what we see is grand. The rising frequency of beloved Gaia is promulgating an enormous beam or ray that is on the horizon.

As you, dear Ones, continue to purge and cleanse—which you do for all—the old black patterns fall away. You can feel the freedom and lightness of your being—anew and afresh.

Each One of you adds to the growing light. Together you will see it. Together you are it.  We move out of linear thought. The sight is so splendid.

There is much you can outpicture into the collective. You will watch yourselves heal.

In every moment of your now, we bless you. We love you.

You incarnated at this time to be a particle of this vast ripple of lovelight. 

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