Anchoring Light

This is a great time for humanity. You are no longer on the brink of change. You are in it and there is no going back. You can only go forward now through the seeming chaos of surface dynamics.

Know that we are with you. We are with you in your clarity (of desire) and in your unclarity (of emotion). These human words try to define the fluid texture of your world at this time. Sticky, flowing, moving, changing, morphing. All to the good.

The moisture of the rains and snow, the burst of tears have made you and the Earth ready. Now in the finest spaces—in the sweet air, the pure water, through the fog and mist—the quietness settles. No rushing. You are attending to your fluid Self by coming to points in the stillness. You are anchoring light within the movement. This you do by your very presence. So with every breath, every blink, every swallow, you are moving and integrating light. This is a primary service to Earth and to the unfolding of the Mother’s Plan.

Anchoring light becomes the ongoing blessing that you embody by your very being. Thus every moment you are participating in something of immense value. We wish that you might rest in this knowing.

It takes some pressure off you regarding your daily actions and decisions. You see, dear Ones, you struggle and fret over conditions that change every day and will soon be gone from your world.

Alternatively there is a river of grace that you can have and receive and be part of. We are the grace of the divine in concert with divine love and will. To love you is our natural state and always our inclination. That is so without end.

Such a grand plan is unfolding. It is inexorable and fully self-determined. You are perfect expressions of its deep and unique beauty. We bless you, every One, as the anchoring continues. We love you.

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2 Responses to Anchoring Light

  1. donnawolper says:

    YES! I have been in the same realization mode here and it fine tunes in my mind so much more clearly! Who hoo! We are getting somewhere finally, or so it seems. Xox

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