To Be Alive Now

For those in the storm: Stay inside. Be inner. Be calm. Enjoy what you have before you. The Mother holds the world within her gracious embrace.

What has been foretold for eons is unfolding now. And you are ready; dear Ones, you are ready. You have studied what has attracted you. You have received wisdom transmitted by the masters. You have cleansed yourself. You have watched your doubts diminish as your knowing has increased.

We are with you, nearer than breath. You can sense us more closely around you. We appreciate your skills and talents and especially your pure hearts. You have persevered and now you are part of your own shining reward.

Dear Children of the Light, we see you with so much pleasure. From our view, the sight of you is as light. Your own light, lit from the eternal heart flame, which now expands in brightness and range. Your Angel has protected this flame since your first breath. Your Angel who loves you in these days of transformation.

Call on your Angel. The simplest words are from your heart: Thank you, my Angel,  for being with me. Thank you as I take this breath and feel some ease. I know that you love me and hold me in your care. Let me feel you close and know you ever more deeply.

When you are so aligned, standing with millions and millions of others, the combined heart light of humanity is immense. Can you imagine that each of you is surrounded, embraced, held by your own Angel. And all these gorgeous Angels are in communion. Touching, if you will, into the realms of peace. Peaceful all together. Harmonious Presence throughout. You are there.

We give you this image, this feeling of being surrounded and held by Grace.

Accept it. Use it. Have it. Feel it. In the coming days it will be useful.

To be alive now, to be here and present in your heart, to be conscious in your changing world. To be open and receive the great love that is being poured into you—from the Angels and the whole of the Company of Heaven. To be an essential part of the evolution of Gaia and all of humanity. This is the truth of your being.

We love you, each One, every One. All One.                 Blessings abound.


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