In This World, Take Heart

There is no time in our realm. We have been with you in all your moments of clarity and insight. Also in your moments of pain or frustration. Being with means touching into your energy field, the stream of Godlight that is uniquely you. Each of you is precious—as a soul inhabiting a body of brilliance and versatility. You are a necessary part of this Great Awakening. It is happening in you. By your allowing, by your choosing, by your receiving, you assist and support this greatest undertaking. We are with you through everything. When you know this, you have no fear.

We have been with you from your first breath. So we know you. It is your self that we love, your predilections and habits even, for they are thoughtstreams vibrating in your unique frequency signature. A personal trait becomes one of the nuggets around which you grow, through experiences both (seemingly) good and bad. Taking us into your heart and thought gives you ease, blessing, and benevolent grace as you learn who you really are. You are so much more than a body; you are part and breath of a vast universe. Trust. 

Not everyone uses the word Angels. Still the power and grace of a Companion of God, so intimate to your life and heart, is available to everyone. Some see a form. Some feel our love. Some feel the embrace of safety or find hope. It has been said, we are as if “waiting in the unemployment lines” until you make connection. May sound funny, but it is truer than you think in this free-will universe. All you need to do is start making your own connection with your own Angels, who love you so much. You can begin so simply:

     Hello my Angels, Thank you for coming. Thank you for being with me now.
     Thank you for showing me, in ways that I recognize, that you are with me in love.
     Thank you for this feeling of gracious, generous, soft attention.
     Thank you for helping this day unfold in the best ways for all. For the good of all.
     Thank you for bliss.

At a most profound level, you are integrating the many kinds of healings, forgivenesses, spiritual practices and prayers of your lifetime. Inside of you, quietly and naturally, you are becoming more awake.

Your clarity and attention coupled with the growing awareness that you have support and guidance place you at the leading edge of humanity’s ascension and the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan. All is well.

Blessing of the Light.

We love you.

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