Closer to Truth

Every day you come closer to truth—the truth of light, the truth of benevolence, the truth of kindness. Even in the midst of swords rattling, the truth of peace grows in you and in your world. It becomes the greater calling. You do not want war. People do not want war. Governments, armaments traders, oil cartels and politicians want the false power and immense wealth of war. People want peace. And you shall have peace. In the not-too-distant future, a world of peace. It is coming in.

Now what will be your focus, dear children of the light? In the rising waves of consciousness, within the Mother’s great Plan, you bring your personal truth to the collective. With each thought you offer another possibility. You can stand for peace without saying a word. You can hold it in your hearts. You can refuse to be entangled in conflict. This very day, you can walk your streets as a beacon of peace and light. If you are riding a subway or a ferry or an elevator you can quietly radiate. Call us in and we will help you to be a peaceful place.


After the storms, the air is clear and clean. The grasses rise up to the sunlight. Let your own hearts rise too, to the greater light.



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One Response to Closer to Truth

  1. Lauri says:

    Thank you for your continued encouragement to go forward in the light; that it is enough….


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