Your Flame of Truth

We are with you when you waken, as you prepare your food for breaking fast, as you ready yourself for your day. We help you to be in best alignment with spirit in ways that benefit you, for goodwill and smooth effect. The days can go well no matter the weather or the temperature. It is your internal thermometer—your measurer of truth—which is all important now.

As the days get longer in the northern regions your inside world also expands. Your inner flame can burn so bright with even a few minutes of attention. That is where we meet you, where we are with you directly. The flame is your flame of truth, the divine spark in you.

As your Angels, we are keepers with you of this inextinguishable flame in your heart center. We encircle you and our energies protect this flame. We love you unconditionally, so the flame is always fed of that love. You know it and you feel it by your quiet attention.

As the season and the light change outside, it is good to be aware of, be reminded of the simple, central light of your Self, your flame, which burns bright. Even these minutes of attention now are fanning it. Do you feel it?

Yes, children of God’s love and light, we are with you now. We are with you always.
It is love that goes across all dimensions, goes to you, right now. Bless you.

Have a day worthy of this love, filled with light to overflowing.

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