Let the Forces of Light Be with You

You are a gracious holder of light, embodying the frequency as it is translated through your activity and thought into the myriad ways of pleasure, peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment. Every thing you do—walking out into the morning light, drinking a warm beverage, selecting fresh vegetables, looking at words on a page—these, even these, all these, offer ways to enhance your life and the lives around you.

You are sovereign beings. Your wellness is the wellness of the planet. Your attention on this personal sphere of influence is where you are naturally drawn; it is also the most effective way to influence the well-being around you. It is where we, your Angels, can assist so easily and so closely. Call us in around you each morning and throughout the day. Allow the subtle noticings to grow. How will it feel in you to be so perfectly encouraged, supported, inspired, loved, appreciated and adored?

For this is what we do. We see you with eyes of love and we help you to see the world in this way. Beloved Ones, the days of change and transformation are now. The world full of fear and corruption is splitting open and the light of blessing can be seen. You are receivers of this blessing, participants in its expansion.

Every day we can assist you. Every day. Right now. Feel the grace of the Mother’s love as it permeates our love for you. If there is a place in your bodymind where you feel pain or tightness or doubt, use your powerful focus to hold some extra light there. We bring the extra healing power to your intention. An ocean of light can assist you as easily as a drop. Let the forces of light be with you now.

Ground light through your body into your beautiful Gaia. This is of enormous benefit. It clears you out of old residual thinking, old patterns, old beliefs. That which you no longer use becomes fodder and compost for Gaia. Nothing is wasted, but you are so much lighter. Let the great forces of the universe work with you, in you, and through you.
Let your own Angels be with you, now and always. We love you.

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