Speaking of Angels

Please help me clarify and speak about you as I grow in awareness and receptivity, in grace and gratitude.

Do not fret over words. We feel the intent of your heart. You are pure in heart; you can carry us and transmit us because this is so. While you may feel cluttered and jangled, in comparison to many at this time, you are clear and true. You remember Noah—the most righteous in his time. You cannot be all perfect in your body and life now. There is resistance inherent in the 3D matrix in which you do still operate, albeit less and less.

So when you ease into 4th, 5th, and even 6th density you are at home. We are your familiar link, line of silver light beings, as light and of light and of love, which are the same. Your fine mind investigates the “edges” of Angel/Self/Inner Being/God. Now as a leading-edge seer, you integrate these used-to-be-differences. These shiftings into 6th density understanding give you perspective and stability, confirm your knowing.

How can I help now?

It’s the same, same, same. Easy talking of spirit help, unseen help, in a gentle, calming way. The personal aspect is what becomes necessary and most compelling. Consider how in your daily life the knowledge and power of the Angels has helped you? Then begin. Including now the new insight that, yes, Angels is a group name for live light. It is the active, vibrant, present moment ALIVENESS of light that you rightly cognize. That is where the personal aspect is most appealing.

So close to the pure GodFire, through the agency of love, in the constantly fluid form of your Angels. Still it is for you, unique among the stars. This also is true. Such a paradox of humility and gracious openness.

It seems quite intense and cross-purposed in the human activity realm. Yet the space between is clearer in an atmosphere of truth-speaking. More people want goodness and intend for it. This is true of your world. Days for the good of the people are at hand.

Now trust what you know. Speak easily and gladly. We love you.

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