The Air Is Vibrant

The air is vibrant with expectancy. Now. This now. This day, this time. The sky is nearly clear above you. With the new moon state your intentions for the good of all. It is not the time to fret. You have made it to this time and you can be exultant. There is only good to come.

It is for you, our dear deserved Ones. Prepare your hearts for great joy. How to do this? Enjoy the small, everyday pleasures. Your favorite cup of coffee. Your food prepared well and with love. The swift birds who flit so close to your open window. The friends who wish you well. All things that deepen your happiness.

Stay in this ease as the sun moves across the sky. Let it be a day in continuous flow, a river of grace and steady support. A day of genuine richness, like the greening forest trees that weave you into their web of energetic life. It has already begun and so it will continue.

When you sit at your desk, ride in your car, kneel in your garden, or read these words—remember to ground the light. Remember the great I AM Presence. Invoke it often. Let the Violet Transmuting flame burn up anything that is not of love. Make your decisions from this place of clarity.

Drink in the light. Sink into the light. Ground the light. All is bettered by this one action in your heartmind. Call in your Angels and the great I AM and you have all you need. We are with you now in unending love.

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