Rituals of Light

We bless the many rituals of light celebrated in all parts of your world. In the northern lands the day is at its longest; in the southern lands, the light now begins its ascent. In all your many worlds, the true Light is on the increase. Be glad you are alive this day no matter your circumstance, no matter the weather or the region. In all places now the impeccable lovelight is rising. So much good work has been done and it shows.

In your rituals, gatherings, and blessings, the ancestors are rejoicing also. Their long and arduous work has been done so that you might all be here now in gladness and deeper knowing. We wish for you to feel it in this moment, the gracious ways the cleansing and renewal are occurring.

It may be wild on the outside, but the indwelling light is with you. As you make note of the turning wheel of light, also notice the turning in your selves. Each of you is stronger, in a way specific to your life and your path of growth. It is thrilling to see how you are growing.


Oh beautiful people of the world, in your many forms and guises, let yourselves live in more trust now. It will be all right. Call on your Angels as proof and reminder that you are not alone. Then breathe and radiate what you know. In your life and in the great wheel of time, the movement is perfect. When you feel the simple and subtle rightness of this day in your life, you will be in synch with the universe. Bless you in the Light.

We love you.

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