Connected at the Core

We are with you on this first breath of fresh freedom from the Mars energy. Oh yes, war was playing itself out in countless ways. Now you will see changes, soon and many.

You are so sensitive, so tender in feeling, a perfectionist when there is scarce perfection in your tumbling world. A bit like the dandelion flower fluff. Connected at the core, fed from Source; each One so light and able to fly free, each capable of starting a new plant, or plan, or dream, within the winds of change.

You are carried, as you know, by greater winds and galactic currents. Great beings of light are pouring into you again and still profound energy fused with love. They assist you and uplift you.

Our active presence in your life is one of the gifts you have and share. The trees embrace you with all their green out-breathings. You have a body that works well, a quick mind, and keen perceptions. All for getting clearer and living deeper in the holy thing called human existence at the crux of humanity’s transformation.

Keep your light shining, your eyes clear and bright. Keep your kindness fluid. When you are able to express from your heart, do it. Let the residue of the past fade.

Now and always the Violet Transmuting flame can help. It will be all right. This we promise. You are safe. You are loved. You are capable of receiving powerful energetic transmissions that you spread by your heart-thoughts.

Be glad and proud that you are doing so well in the midst of crazy times. You are doing your lovely and brave life, on purpose, with kindness, integrity, and beauty. It is wonderful to see.

Be glad for your life. This life, here and now. It is good. You are being fed by more than you know.

We love you without end.

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