You Are Becoming Greater Beings

It seems that things are changing in our world. How can we live with some ease in these days? Help us to discern the changing landscape. How can we notice the changes in ourselves? How can we keep on keeping on?

Your questions have their answers within them. This is always true. Now as you are becoming more aware, you are able to discern subtle changes in your thoughts and in your behavior.

That one thing that you do—whether it is a tendency to be impatient; an old sense of arrogance; a quick, nearly automatic thought which is judgmental—those are the energies that now are softening every day. In yourself this is how it looks:

You are driving and someone drives erratically in front of you. You notice, of course. But out of your mouth those strong words or sharp tones do not come. Or when you wait in line at the market, you smile and make conversation with the next in line. You look directly at your cashier and appreciate her serving you instead of commenting on the wait. When a friend changes course after plans have been drawn up, you can feel that the new plan actually fits in your schedule and you realize you were accommodating someone else too fully. Do you understand?

These small and seeming superficial events represent increasing ease in your person—and in your entire field. All these many months you have been growing in ease and awareness. Now your individual growth has reached such a status that you are functioning differently.

It takes much less to move you to joy and appreciation while it takes much more to rouse you to irritation, not even to say anger. Like a wide expanse of water easily absorbs the small ripple of a drop or a pebble, you easily accommodate your new self rising from within.


You have endured so much to which you now can say, “Never again.” From your greater vantage point you say it, not from despair but from a clearer knowing that it will never be again. Good work, our dear Ones.

You are becoming greater beings, with greater ease and wider, immediate understanding. We praise you for your steadfastness and confirm your progress.

Yes, all is well, dear Ones. All is well.

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