Dance in the Sky

The bright Moon and the Earth in a dance. This powerful portal, another energetic window. An opportunity to feel the changes as they move through you, enhanced by the light of the Moon. Oh children of Earth, drink in this light as you become established in the forcefield of upliftment. Now is your time to be alive in the changing season and your changing destiny.

We are with you in so many ways—our blessings and our love, our strength, our encouragement in subtle and not so subtle ways. If there is any concern or doubt in your being, breathe in this light fully as you align with the great I AM Presence. There is nothing more potent. Feel it as your support. Feel us as part of your family.

Great things will unfold as you continue to open, as you let go of the old ways of resistance and struggle. Your world is bursting forth in glorious color, sparkling water, masses of birds in migration, the great whales in so close you can see the sleek curves of their backs, the flukes of their tails as they splash.

A beautiful day is this day, opened by the moonlight, blessed by the creatures, appreciated by you. Make it a point to stop and consciously be a part of this energy. Draw down the light through your holy body. Receive this infusion as a frequency of love. Then the light can shine out of your eyes. The glorious light is streaming to lead you on.

We bless you every day. We love you every day. This day. You and the Moon, so bright.

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