No matter where you sit now, you are flooded with light. The amount and intensity of fine particular and energetic light penetrating you now is enormous. It would have burned out your circuits at an earlier stage of ascension, but now you are able to take it in, integrate the wisdom that flows with it—for the good of all.

This is happening with many millions on your planet now. So your individual consciousness and your collective level of awareness are increasing exponentially with each day and each night. Yes, so many of you are visiting your ships at night during your sleep time. You are becoming familiar with living in such perfectly configured spaces of love and support. Soon you will be remembering your journeys and the accumulated experiences from being there. Soon you will know for certain that you are not alone in this vast universe. When your strangled media gets free of restrictions, the stories of friendly contact will astound. So be not afraid.

Now, as the seasonal clock turns, there is stunning beauty to behold: The leaves of autumn display in marvelous metaphor the hidden colors within the changing light. The harvest is gathered about you in reds, russet and gold. And the migrations of great whales and tiny hummingbirds can make you humble. Yes, life on your blessed Earth continues. She upholds your growing consciousness; you support her by your attention. She breathes with you in these golden days before the full light of ascension dawns for you all.

We bless you in this balance of day and night. We bless you all. We bless you now.

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