You Are a Piece of the Growing Wholeness

Your world is in extreme fluctuation now. So much buzzing through the wires and the atmosphere. Even the night sky is marked by stars streaking across the dark. You have also experienced the power of the recent full moon, whether seen or not. Larger astronomical cycles coincide with cultural and spiritual festivals to mark your rich harvest and your coming true abundance.

The energy is thick in the air, but may be difficult to navigate. So we assist by very precise indications that you will recognize. A moment of knowing. The way is intimate for each One. We see you speedily increasing your light quotient, growing in wisdom light. Your knowing is stronger now, stronger than doubt. Your oldest patterns can still catch you, but you know now to pay attention. You can release more deeply. More light can infill you. With each passing day you become more light.

Watch as more cycles come into harmonious alignment, drawing the peoples of humanity closer. Your similarities as humans on this planet will become more obvious; your differences are of the most superficial nature and will be less important as these days pass.

All the falling away of old structures of hierarchical perfection contribute to your freedom and the sense of release from the past. You are actually more prefect in your “less perfect” state. You are seeing your oldest vasanas come up for final release. You are growing in the most perfect ways for your own enlightenment, which greatly helps your world. Your best service is to be calm and clear. It is not for everyone to march or go to protests. You can sign petitions and write letters, but your strongest work is within.

You feel yourself a piece (a peace) of the growing wholeness. The steps are intimate to you as you learn. And as you grow, you see how many things are the same thing. It becomes self-evident. Wholeness and Oneness. Self and Source. Truth. Light.

Be glad and proud for all you have accomplished as a 3D human who is rising to live in 5D awareness. Your love of people can grow in the small yet vital ways of listening and speaking words of kindness, gratitude, and contentment. Put some attention there. Dear Children of Light, stand with your heart flames burning bright. We love you and all will be well.

Bless you. Bless your eyes. Bless your heart. Bless you always.

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