Standing with Honor

You feel the dizzying speed with which internal change and total reassembly is occurring. It is in the air, everywhere tumbling and turning, twisting your old ways of knowing, wringing them out of you.

It is with earnest and dedicated support from us, the numberless hosts of Angels who look after you and love you. The Ancestors are communing with you across time. Your brothers and sisters in the stars, the Star nations come ever closer to meeting you.

Each of these layers offers you profound support. You must take it. Accept it as true and real and for you. Take a moment to really feel as much of this nurturing support as you are able. Each of you is this sovereign being. Each One.


The people of the First Nations at Standing Rock demonstrate what sovereign means. They protect the water for everyone, knowing that water is life for generations. We bless them and all their supporters.

In the first Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw the powerful forces at play in your world. You saw the vast ring of angelic, ancestral, winged, and galactic beings overlighting the area. You are part of the deep Dream of the Mother Awakening. You saw Great Mother Gaia Earth receive the healing from the millions upon millions of people who stood with the First Nations at Standing Rock. Then the buffalo came. You saw the eagle land.

The invisible wave of that healing moved across everyone. This mass prayer of support for them, for water, has never happened before. The power of that, with the Angels and other great winged Ones, became a healing for all the people—a profound heart healing. The power and potency was quantified by the focused collective intent. The whole frequency was raised. This prayer is now held by the people. It cannot be undone.

In the second Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw an even greater circle of angelic and winged beings overlighting the entire area. Then the blue Avians appeared around them in an immense, vast sweep.

A great Knowing came into the people then. All those gathered and joined and standing with Standing Rock received blessings. Great Earth Mother received the blessings from the many gathered, including the Elders and the Wise Ones. Good will come of this.

In their hearts, each woman and each man knows now what to do or not do. Knows when to turn and when to stay. Knows now is the time for truth to be lived. Be brave. You are not alone. We stand with you all.

This is the key and you know it. Your individual stories of standing strong and bearing witness—being moved to speak or not, being called to act or not—being called always and only by love to be your great Selves now. You embody it in your lives. You enact it in the world. Love flows down.

We love you.
We bless you every One.

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