The Great Forces of Light Commingle with You

We are with you as your world is transforming steadily before your eyes. Many cannot see yet, but this vast transformation is going on in everyone. Your dreams indicate the other worlds are touching in yours now. This is all to the good. Do not be frightened. The pace of change is overlit by the Divine, but you are still in the driver’s seat, if you will, of your own journey. So stay open to change; change is your best choice now. Do not fear. The great forces of Light commingle more with you every day. You are having hints of things to come, visions and dreams, small miracles of timing, fortunate meetings, auspicious events that have been foretold.

Stay less with the news intended to shock you and more with the hopeful aspects. We ask you to be strong and we support you in your strength. Many are having health challenges, sudden reoccurrences of old feelings, triggers related to old beliefs. Your bodies are your truest reflection of your energetic state, so please let these feelings move through you. Feel them, yes, but do not reinstate old beliefs or patterns of thought. Let them flow and go. They come now as a sign of the rising energy around you and in you. They show you that release is possible. Relief comes in this way. We promise you that smoothness and ease are right behind such old memories. Suffering is to be let go.

You are loved by more beings than you know. Take heart, take care, but do not pick up the doubt stick. It serves no one. We are with you and we will always be with you. If your head is feeling filled with clouds, it is actually the solar winds, flares, energy. The love of God roars around and finds places ready to be swept clean. You are such a place.

Dear people of the beautiful world, we love you so much. We see you start to pick up an old thought and then feel how bad it feels in your mind, in your heart. And dear people, you let it go. We clap and applaud every time.

We are much closer to you than you know; we can feel you changing. We are your Angels. We love you and we support you as you become more Light.

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