The Light Returns

A great wave of change has rolled across your planet. In circles, in prayers, in devotions by the fire, the Solstice day has been celebrated. The light returns. Every year it is true. This year it is true in more ways, in more places, in more hearts. It is in your hearts we greet you now. Let us be together as we enter this new season in blessedness.

Solstice table

You know the meaning of light. It enters your bodies, it nourishes your souls, it refreshes your senses. This turning point of light reflects your own deep and continuous turning to light. Now you can feel the subtle movement. The great Sun moves in its arc and your singular bodies feel it. Is this not miraculous and reason for praise?

From the most ancient times, these days have been significant. Now it is true in your time, in your life. Many of you move into further holiday celebrations. Let us be ever more with you so the grace of the light fills you, so the ease of the light is with you. We remind you: You are in the process of deep transformation.

How will change appear in your life? More patience. More ease. More kindness and compassion. More connections that are true and nourishing; fewer that are false and trivial. From our view you are growing in your magnificence daily. It is easier for you to believe we are with you—and we are, in greater numbers. Grace is flooding the earth, your blessed Gaia.

The songs of Angels are telling you true. We are singing in praise as the divine light grows. This song of love is heard in many ways. The shimmering ocean, the dolphin’s leap, birds in their formations across the sky, the immense strength of the mountains, the power in the trees. The kindness of strangers, the graciousness of friends, the love of family. The eyes of the children.

Dear people, let your hearts believe. The returning light is your true signal, yet again. The great unfolding, the great infilling is everywhere apparent. Mostly it is opening in your hearts. We surround you. We embrace you. Our light merges with yours in this story of return.

Bless you. Bless you always. We love you without end. May you feel our love and the love of the Mother/Father/One Source now. Go in great peace, dear Ones all.

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