What You Do Is of Consequence

I call in the great I AM Presence and the Violet Transmuting flame. Cleanse me of all that is old, unwanted, useless, unloving, or coming from lack. Let me end this year well. Let me greet the new year well,. May I be open. May I continue to ask you and feel you and know you throughout my days. What words do you have for us at the end of this year? Thank you.

We love your simple prayer and the words of hope and peace. Let each woman and each man, let every child have moments of ease, of hope and grace in these days. The old world is dissolving. Your real world of light is emerging—first in you and then in the wider view. Know in your heart that the Divine Plan is working out in its timing most exact—the timing of perfection—which you know through the many confirmations you receive in your own life.

Be easy in this ending for it is remarkable as an end and a new beginning. You chronicle in years as you turn the calendar page and name it anew. This new year will be significant, so you do well to let your old memories rise and let them leave you. Like the shadows of clouds they move out of you.

The intense, immense light in which you have been flooded is reaching its own flashpoint. So much light self-ignites. Be easy. Breathe. More help that you can imagine is always at the ready. Be yourself. Be aware. Your discernment has been honed for this time now.

Your own Angel is with you, perfectly focusing the light of the great I AM Presence into you. Through you it moves now. Stop and feel it. It moves from the top of your head down, in and through your entire neck area, your throat. Down into your chest it floods. Straight through your heart it flows. Moving easily into your stomach and through all the organs, so smoothly the light moves. It fills the bowl of your pelvis before it moves through and out. Into the ground this stream of light pours, deep into the Earth, into the core.

What you need to know is that it is good to allow old images, memories, and situations to come up briefly in you so you can see yourself choosing to let them go. You are actively choosing again and again to let these pass out of you. Be done. Again and again. Be not discouraged. You can be empowered by the steadiness of your choosing, again and again. With each wave of recollection that arises, you allow it to surface with its details (that room and the conversations in it; that long drive, the light on the trees as you passed them), not holding to them. The great river of light is so powerful, it pours down through you. You give it willingly to Earth. Give her all. She takes all.


What you do of consequence is you attend to your feelings. This is more important for the awakening world than any effort or action. For the moment you are emptied of troubles, you are clear, a vessel of God’s love. It shines out whenever you are in ease.

Your Angel overlights you always. When you are troubled, the light is specifically focused to assist you, to aid you in clearing. Your Angel adjusts it for your best good. You only invite, allow, accept, and release. It is energy that moves, corralling those old thoughts out.

These are subtle workings, which you can feel. So paying attention for these few minutes gives you the strength and freedom to live with some composure and some blessing too.

We love you so much. This is the purpose of sadness. To feel the ache of it and then the choice, each time fresh, to not indulge it, instead to gently turn. In that slight gesture, you have accomplished much. Never doubt the potency of internal change. So small a change in the center allows for huge transformation in the outer world. Just such a cry for help is instantly attended. Your needs are met. We are with you going forward.

We have loved you long and love you still. Together into the new.

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