The Courage and Joy of Connection

We love you and we bless you now on this last day of your calendar year. The day is only a turning of a page, yet you have arrived at a tremendous milestone in the increase in light.

There is no stopping this great expansion in yourselves, your thoughts, and directly into your world. The changes are deep and rising through you. The many Gaia sync global meditations allow you to feel your connection through light. The remarkable growth in your consciousness is evident.

You have all come to this time and may be truly and deeply acknowledged. You can look back, even over this last year, to see the depth of your growing. You are kinder, more compassionate, living closer to your feelings, listening with your heart, speaking faith. Standing with truth and peaceful righteousness.

We stand as grace with you and bless you for your steadfastness. You know the pure truth of light. You have called us in as light. You have felt your body infused in such a stream of healing light. Always so simple. Always true. Yet to know it and do it takes courage. This quiet, daily courage to be in connection with more than the ordinary reality—this we see. To this we respond. Our beautiful, holy, simple connection.

We give you an image: You, each of you, standing easily and comfortably. The energy vortices you call “chakras” we see as portals or windows. Your work with your chakras has allowed you to sense as the areas lighten up. Imagine these fine portals utterly clear in you. Now let us stand behind you and shine an extra measure of divine lovelight through you. Your Angels and the Divine Mother shine through you.

This energy lives in you as you see it inside yourself. You can open this door toward anyone. We and the Divine Mother shine through you. A silent blessing goes forth in each instance. From your throat, the light of Namasté.

We gift you in this way again with the radiant love of the Divine Mother. You are Her door.

We love you for the light you carry, for the increase in light and frequency that you realize. The new year will bring explosions of positive change in so many areas of your life. The Mother’s Plan is unfolding and you will see dramatic transformation. It will go well. You are the window. Open and shine.

We love you. We bless you now. We bless you into the new.

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One Response to The Courage and Joy of Connection

  1. donnawolper says:

    Greetings from Yelapa! Love this post and the picture is so beautiful. I can feel this message here. It comes alive. Blessings for a joyous and harmonious new year, one filled with peace and miracles. Xo Donna

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