Waking Up to Your Truth

We love you so much. We love you so much. These days are chaotic on your splendid Earth. Energy in wild mixes and configurations like never before. Are you ready? By being here you are ready. This is what you came for, even back then, when you didn’t know how it would look or when it would occur in your world timetable. It is Now and you are part of it. Do not be dismayed.

Dear Ones, the stories in your outer world are extreme, remarkable, poignant, and stunning. They represent your range of interests as a population. The roiling within the media helps you wake up to your own truth-detectors, although we say “truth” is quite variable now.

So much comes to light now in this extraordinary period of transition. So much comes from Light, flowing into you to enhance your consciousness.


The energy around the hundreds of marches is affirming, uplifting, empowering, and steadfast. It is wonderful to see you rise up in such positive dedication. Where women are strong, the country thrives.

We see the energy of Washington, D.C., especially around the false event scheduled, as very dark, tumultuous, ragged, and brutish. It holds no authority and is not in concert with the consciousness of the people.

You are on the verge of a new world. We say again, It will be all right. We did not stay with you through all the eons to leave you in distress now. None of you is alone. You could not have made it alone. You are so helped . . . by beings both seen and unseen.

The real news is inside your heart. This is where the story is. The only news you need. This is already true, but most of you can’t comprehend it yet. In time you will know.

When you do come to peace with yourself—with your own company, with your thoughts, your motivations and desires, with your will, your plans, your actions taken or not, your accomplishments or not—everything. When the voices inside are in support, you can meticulously allow yourself to go anywhere within. You can be in awareness of yourself in all manner of ways. This actually deepens your peace.

Every time a wave moves through you without restriction (or resistance), a greater, more subtle wave moves out across your environment. In this way you contribute every day by being consciously at peace—even for a moment, coming into peace with yourself through awareness.

You are helped. You are loved. You are love itself in action now.

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