One More Day Leaning into Light

The passage from darkness into light is a steady one. The length of daylight increases in small increments, but you feel the light so clearly now. Today, more than two months past winter solstice, it is definite and unmistakable, without doubt. No one could say it is still dark as winter, but it is cold with much rain or snow for many. So let us ponder together.

On a particular morning you feel the coldness of temperature outside, you see the longer daylight hours, you hear the starlings and crows congregate in the cypress grove. Now you hear our word-thoughts beginning to flow through you. You breathe easier. It will be OK, this one more day leaning into light.

From our view we see the splendid ocean become wave and white cap and surf spray. We see the lines along the beaches, strewn with rocks and boulders. We see the movement of winds in tree limbs. We see clouds form and drift. We see the rain begin again.

The movement in your life is as natural and as beautiful. You may start a day in a thought, you may change the thought, you may invite us into your heart-mind, you may do or say something unique and brilliant. You may roll over and sleep some more minutes, you may leap with a bound of joy into the tasks before you. Whatever you do, our love is with you. Every day we wish you to know it and feel it. Trust it.

The purpose of all our messages is this one thing: we love you. You. We say it a thousand ways so the new pathways of receiving are opened.

Let this other source of light be part of your awakening here and now.

Assignment from the Angels:

Sit every day and we will give you something to write about.
If you do not receive us then we cannot flow through you.

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