You Have Help

Be yourself. Be your natural self, your kind self. Be your clear-eyed self, the person who understands. You do not have to be other than who you are to carry the finest vibrations of the angelic realms. Your good heart is the necessary opening.

Living with the Angels means you allow the Angels who are closest to you to reach you, to touch you, to speak to you and to move through you. It is so natural to be in connection. As you allow these most tender and subtle impulses from your Angels, you see just how natural it is. You feel the rightness. You feel the hope. We are with you.

Many scholars and erudite individuals make this connection seem very difficult, very ponderous, very rare. We come to tell you that is not so. For you, in your life right now, you can realize the pure love and natural ease in the relation with us. We have been with you since your first breath. We know you. We know your dreams and we know the best ways to guide you to their fulfillment. When you allow this help, you open to the many subtle and marvelous interconnections at play in the universe. What some call miracles, you begin to know in your daily experience. Even now. Through all that is happening and unraveling now, you have immediate help.

The specifics of our interactions are unique for each of you because you are unique vibrations. You are each so special in the universe. And now you can come into the fuller expression of your self, as you let us and the Company of Heaven into your lives and your awareness.

These are very elastic times, incorporating enormous change. The best times of your life are upon you, dear Ones. Breathe. Be in peace and breathe. We are with you, your allies in light.

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