Unstoppable as Spring

We are as close to you as always. This you know more with every day’s passing. Hundreds of millions of souls waking up—to who they are and what they can be. The possibilities emerge. New scope of variables. Wholly new resonances. New frequencies of sound and color. These are what you are integrating in your sleep and dreaming.

Dear Ones of humanity, you continue to awaken. As you do, you deepen into a wider awareness which is growing with you as well. This field of awareness includes everything, in both subtle and pronounced ways. You are integrating all the time. Sleep and nap as much as needed.

In these fluid times, your thoughts can switch and flicker rapidly. Be not perplexed. We offer light-hearted ease and humor as you are learning new ways to respond.

Your growth into full consciousness continues, unstoppable. The outward story has not much to do with this most profound and awe-inspiring inner journey that you are on with your Angels, your allies, your guides in the realms of the deep spirit world, and blessed Gaia.

In your unique, slippery, non-linear process, you are doing so well. We love you always.

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