Love Comes through You

You found us straight through the heart. That’s how it is done. You have always been this kind of heart-truthful One. Do not worry now. The time is for Being, which you are, a spark of wonder. Over the months now and years you feel how much love comes through. It comes through you. This is true. It’s what embody means. Wear your body around your light, as the light shines through everything, everywhere more and more.

Just being comfortable with such lovely light is a big stretch for some. In just this way, you are perfect, you see? Do not doubt now, when all is so close. The higher frequencies are strong upon the Earth. Meetings are becoming possible. You have relationships with beings of light. You have many, even if you don’t know us individually. That word does not really clarify, but we continue. We are many. How that is, is less important than the knowledge of it.

We are many with you and all who ask. If at first you don’t believe, just say, “Hello” and “Welcome” in an honest way. “I don’t know you exactly, but it feels good to talk with you, so I will. OK my Angel, help me.”

Maybe later, you could say, “Let me feel your grace through my day, through my body; let my eyes see what your eyes see.” That should start the grace rolling in. We mean no disrespect. Grace is evident in every aspect of true life on Gaia. She (grace) will be your constant companion now. We bless this expansion of your light and insight. In this extraordinary time, we surround you and we bless you.

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One Response to Love Comes through You

  1. Lynn says:

    Worried about climate change



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