Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

Remembering Dorie D’Angelo, the Angel Lady of Carmel

Today, on her birthday anniversary, a photo from 1983, with Jenny D’Angelo, whom she trained and adopted as granddaughter/next of kin, beloved of the Angels.

Carrying on Dorie’s work in a new way, Jenny offers her book,
Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone (Robertson Publishing).

When you meet Jenny, you may feel a touch of Dorie too, as you come into your own connection.

Thank you, Dorie, for the gift of your love and presence still.

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4 Responses to Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

  1. SuRay says:

    Happy Birthday Dorie, I know you through Jenny and hence know you well. Thank you for expanding awareness of the presence of angels at a pivotal time on the planet. The seeds you planted continue to flourish and expand that awareness.
    Every time I open Jenny’s book, perfectly titled Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone, to a message sent to me at that moment, I renew my gratitude to you and the angels who guard and guide us so lovingly.


    • oangels says:

      Thank you for these beautiful words for Dorie’s birthday and now Mother’s Day too.
      Bless you for letting the grace of the Angles reach you. ❤️❤️


  2. Patti Nieves-Chapman says:

    Love the picture!! Blessings to you Jenny!! ❤


  3. Kalani Goins says:


    How well I remember the first time I saw Dorie on the San Francisco morning program with Ann Fletcher. I was so lost at the time, and as I watched her, I felt so hopeful. Several weeks later, in a dark hallway, I saw the pin prick of light that I KNEW was an angel. I just stood there with my mouth open and tears running down my face, It changed my life.

    God bless Dorrie and everyone who loved her and continues her work.

    Rev. Dr. Kalani Goins


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