Your Heart Knows

This beautiful world, your world, is blessed by your presence and your awareness. The greatest gift of the Creator is your awareness. You have this day the opportunity to be inside the pleasure of being alive. What you place your attention on each moment—that is where you have your power. If you think, “I am enough. Things go well for me,” then the entire universe can reveal to you its splendor. If you think, “I am love,” then your every glance can see the wind caress the leaf, see the bee enter the flower, see the light in a friend’s face.

You can, by your attention, expand the love and appreciation of this day. Take a moment to drop into your heart. Quiet peace radiating from your heart touches everyone around you whether they know it or you know it. This is what you are, in essence. This is where we meet you best, in your heart.

So let this be a day of easy happiness just to be alive and aware. Just to be yourself. Just to be loved and protected by your Angels. Just to be a part of the Mother’s Plan working out. You can do many things today, but you do not need to do anything about this love. It is already there. It is in you and all around you. Your wise awareness knows. Your heart knows. Feel the blessings of this day. We love you.

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