Amplifying the Energetic Grid

Your clear knowing and quiet telling of experiences—these are helpful. What is most useful and beneficial is your knowing.

Each prayer, each instance of sending light amplifies the energetic grid. All the great beings who are assisting humanity at this time are in alliance and in synchrony with this increasing light.

With quietness in your heart connect to the great I AM presence. Let the pure light flood through you. Allow the largest possible reach, from up above your head and down below your feet. Send directly into the heart of Gaia. This column of light feeds your cells, evens your energy centers, calms your mind, and soothes your emotions. It grounds the light in Gaia. This action is of great benefit. Do this often, but at least once a day. Your own purpose and the awakening of humanity is served by your focus here.

We love you now and always.

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