Light Tower

Thank you for your ever-present love.
I put my life with the Angels and the Company of Heaven.

Yes, and we receive you.

Every instance that you can see yourself in the light-frequency existence, you strengthen your connection to that You and All That Is Coming.

Be blessed for your good heart and your human foibles. No need to be perfect in the tiniest ways that you attend to; the true and real perfection is the way you are living out your life. Are you not essentially finding moments of contentment even within the maelstrom? We think Yes. This is your art of living now.

You are a strong light house like the grand right whale in the southern waters. In the deep night she sings direction and protection for all the pod.

In your house and your neighborhood you are standing as such a steady light. And like the whale, you need not beam out all the time. This day, this night of full moon and the next, are for you. To receive. Take in. Let in. So much light to carry and integrate. Let us be with you as your companions Ease and Grace.

Standing steady. Being ready. So much light, clear and resonant.
Be glad for the steadiness of your legs.
And for your heart, so pure and good, gorgeous in its steady beating too.
Strength becomes you. As does valor. Standing as a Light Tower.

We do love you.

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One Response to Light Tower

  1. Thank you dear Angels everywhere for this loving message❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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