Strong in the Onslaught

The time comes near to emerge fully from the darkness. Not a sky of darkness, but from every shred of pain in your beautiful bodies or minds or memories. Any sorrow you have experienced has taught you; any joy has enhanced your ability to be light. Every experience has been in keeping with your actions, thoughts, and wishes. The most subtle level of energy—your conscious attention—is the director of the movement. You do well to find stopping places, moments of quiet, moments of peace, moments of gratitude, and moments of pleasure. A soft breeze, a piece of fresh fruit, the easy sound of a bird singing, the voice of a loved One—all can be nourishing for you. This secret center can keep you strong in the onslaught.

Let the beauty of this world be available to you amid the chaos and harsh circumstances that still make up the headlines. Death and mayhem may be occurring; in the larger context even this is in the direction of peace-making. We say again, there will be no war. War is of the old. The new ways of living are emerging from within you, from your visions and your dreams. These include new ways of using resources and new ways of forming communities with joined purpose. It will not be long.

The dirt and sludge of corruption rise to be washed away. Do not be afraid of being a peace-keeper in your heart. Your mission is powerful in this way. Every time you hear a city or a place name with trouble, every time you see a face in suffering or an animal in distress—send light, send us. Send Angels immediately.

Let your mind begin to be settled enough to see. Just a flash, just an instant, you may see or sense it. The felt presence of good. From your hearts, send light. From your benevolence, send lovelight.

There are so many ways to stand for peace.

We love you.

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