Bless Your Life

In the end it will be gratitude, appreciation, and loving service that will turn things around. This is the long view. Everything you look for in others must ultimately be found within. Every moment of Now may not have it, but you touch it even with the thought, and catch it also in these words.

How well you are doing, we say again and again. So much is in flux, yet your entire sense of your self and your world can be changed by what you place your attention on. Every moment offers you this doorway, this chance.

Appreciate your body that functions so well, managing trillions of cells automatically, without you doing a thing. Please breathe a breath of appreciation now. Bless your own life.

You are integrating enormous amounts of high-frequency light. The full moon, the meteor shower, and the eclipse all heightened the high registers of experience. Sun light, moon light, and star light currents are very strong across your planet. Breathe light in for maximum absorption. Bathe your self in this way.

It is a powerful time. You are powerful beings in it, ready and capable. Through the tumult, the sense of presence. After the night, the sky is clear. We are watching you, supporting you, comforting and guiding you. Always we are loving you.

Do you hear us? All will be well.

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