Of Inestimable Value

You are of inestimable value—each of you, every One. In the universe you are valuable as a unique soulprint. In your Earth world, you are valuable for the lives and vast experiences you carry. You have been many beings, all of whom have contributed to the rising consciousness now. That your small world view does not entertain your own worthiness is part of the awareness that is now being directly transformed.

In your present world you may feel to be just a number, a statistic, a consumer of goods. But, dear Children of Light, you are ever so much more than that. You will know your value when this great change cycle is complete. Now, while you are in the last bitter mix of upheaval, negativity, and scare-tactic war-mongering, it is difficult to see your own shining.

We assist you to bring in your own fortitude and quiet strength. Do your work and your errands, do your household chores, work in the garden; it is a metaphor for the garden of your heart, which will bloom wildly and abundantly in the coming time. This we promise you again. Your awareness of external change, places of concern, worry, and fear indicate what to hold in tenderness. Compassion for your own existence is a healing balm.

There is nothing but this day. Enter it with vigor and with grace. Keep your attention on what is right in front of you. What calls for your support? What needs your love? What care can you offer? You need not make big decisions to be of value. The greatest value can be found in the smallest moments of grace, like sparkling light through clouds.

Watch the line of shearwaters as they stream over the wave tops. Let yourself glide with them. You cannot wrestle this day into more than it is. This is your platform for ease, kindness, and appreciation. Let gratitude still guide your observations and your speech.

We love you today.

All will be well. This we promise. All will be well.

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1 Response to Of Inestimable Value

  1. Thank you for your wonderful kind message of love❤️


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