As You See and Accommodate More Light

Women and men of wonder: Come. The light is infilling your land. And the light that is already present rises in meeting. You gather in the light, for the light, with the light, and in plenitude of the more light that is coming. No more doubt. You may have had doubts before, but now there is no doubt.

You come to the Light with some knowing. Something inside you said, “Yes, now this is for me.” From the start, you were filled with a soft love and the gentle presence of land, the trees, and the Angels. You ate it in the food and breathed it in the air. You amplified that light together. Not one or two alone, but all together you made sacred space and you inhabited that space.

Now we remind you, Let the Angels speak to you. You let us shine out of your eyes. You let us give you new eyes. You may find your hearts full of gratitude and good will. You ask for healing and you receive more than you could imagine. You send light to your families and loved Ones. You hold in your hearts the places of discord in the world. You ground more light in Gaia from the fullness of your love.

Your powerful blessings work like seeds of light. The intention is for healing for each and for all and then for mighty Gaia. In your gatherings, it is accomplished. The flow of shining lovelight; Presence manifest, palpable, tangible.

Let yourselves notice and enjoy. How the blaze of light shines just as you read these words. How it shines in a circle when true words are uttered—every leaf outside alight with radiance, every heart touched. Let yourselves be easy as you see and accommodate more light.

Sleep when you can. Drink more water. Delight in the stability of the light as it grows. Tell your children, because they already see.

What will come now from this light is ongoing, deep, quiet power. Certainty, without doubt. From the hearts of a few out to the hungry hearts of the many.

All will be well across your beautiful, vibrant land and across the shining water. The lakes and miles of trees are smiling. Bless you every One. Bless you now.

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