A Splendid Time, Even Now

There will be sun today and warmth. You will feel much better in the warmth of the day. Do not fret in your reaching. It is time for more deep rest. Do nothing. Or things that help you feel good. We wish you to feel good. That is what is important. Not what anybody else thinks or feels. Today is a day for your ease and contentment.

You cannot reach or grasp to make your happiness. But you can allow it. You can let it reveal itself by what your eyes fall upon and what your senses lead you to. Like the leaves on the maples and birches that change their colors so brilliantly at this time of year, you are in the midst of dramatic changes too. The reds of the leaves, the oranges, the yellows—these pigments are within the leaves all the time. But now, with the shorter days and lower temperatures, the greens fade. What is within, what is underneath the normal is revealed. Brilliant days and glorious colors.

You are not a leaf and you will not soon flutter and die, but you are a changing element amidst this vastly transforming world. The brilliance of your appearance is in the realms of light, so much light. The leaves cannot cling to their green pigment, not even to the limbs that hold them. They can only allow the magnificence that is hidden to be unmasked during this splendid time. You also are in your splendid season, whether you know it or not.

All of life is evolving to more light. You are in it; you are part of this expansion. Let this day be for you, then, with nothing else to do. Let what processes move in and through you. Let your true nature be just as it is. It is you becoming.

We are with you on such a day, unchanging in our love. Always.

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