Some Small, Quiet Gladness

We love you so much. We love your earnest caring, your regard for the small things of the world, your active participation in the great transformation that is occurring right now on your planet. Never has such a time been. Never before has humanity joined in so many ways and platforms to enhance the good—the good for all. It is good and will be better, by far, than what you see or even can imagine. This we promise you.

Now for this day of appreciation and blessing, we offer these words. Small, quiet gladness is a secret that we encourage you to notice and enjoy. The day can be busy and bustling, yet your awareness can still be held in an instant by that iridescence on the bird’s feather as you looked out. It can be the smell of rain in the air or that perfect snowflake that landed on your arm. It can be the sound of wind rustling through the trees. It can be that smile, cherishing someone close. It can be those kind words spoken. The warm tongue of your dog, his paw touching you. That love is real.

We wish you to know and feel and be glad for such daily things. This practice will help you. And as you are noticing, can you also feel that we, your Angels, are looking at you in such a way too? We appreciate your special gifts, we see your strengths and your courage. We are so near.

We look at you in the same way that we wish you to see your world—emerging, blessed, extremely beautiful, and filled with light. And we know the Great Mother of us all is loving us through everything. Her benevolence is our grace flowing through you. One unending line of blessing, if you can look and if you can see.

May you now be blessed again and again. Enjoy your day in clarity and grace.

We love you.

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