The Deep Mystery of Transmutation

Everything is of value now. Days when the sun is low, the temperatures are low, the spirits may be low—all are part of the composting occurring now everywhere. Your old thoughts, old patterns of belief, and memories of dashed expectations keep you keen and alive. As our beloved Rumi says:

This rain-weeping and sun-burning twine together to make us grow.
Keep your intelligence white-hot and your grief glistening, so your life will stay fresh.

This freshness of spirit is the possibility every day, for it is continually new on Earth now. The air is fresher, the waters are clearer, the forests are dense and still yet deeply alive. Your old childhood worries and adolescent fears are not real to you in present time. Neither are your future worries or perpetuated images of old age. Only today is. And it is full of possibility and growth.

When you align with the great I AM Presence, as you do so well every morning and throughout the day, you flood your being with light. The old energies and frequencies leave you and seep down into the great being known as Gaia. She receives them all and immediately they become material for composting and renewal. You can imagine the dense matter crumbling into dark soil, intertwining with deep roots and ancient waters. The light that rises in you comes directly from what has been discarded. Your releasing feeds Gaia. She feeds you back in light what you let go of.

This is a deep mystery of transmutation. It is going on around you and through you. It is happening for your best good and the good of all. It is another gracious gift of the Mother that your old despair can bear fruit in these ways. Your old sorrows yield great light into the world. This is happening through you right now.

We do not sentimentalize sorrow. We value its release. We acknowledge your growth in this manner. We love you for your resilience and your courage. We comfort you in the midst of waves of emotion and we greet you as you emerge—always into more light. Breathe. Ground. Release. Receive. Be.

Be our dear One, again and again. We love you.

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2 Responses to The Deep Mystery of Transmutation

  1. doug P lundy says:

    Yes, Id share that grief is like the water cycle where vapor gathers in clouds and then it can rain..”The tender words we have said to one another are stored up in the heart of heaven and one day like rain they shall fall and grow green over all the earth”..(rumi). And this is filling up a great new life unseen, until its moment of appearing on a level previously not imagined..Thanks for this thought!


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