Love Is Constantly Flowing to You

As your day begins, we are with you. You offer to us the organizing of this day. You speak your quiet words of gratitude and alignment. You begin to radiate light. These first moments of joining give you a foundation for grace and beauty through your day no matter what the circumstances.

Our constancy is love. The more you know, the more you partake, the more you receive, the more you allow. Whether forgiveness is spoken or not, it must be operating and unlocking old walls for so much lovelight to infill you. When you see how much light you already are, you will thrill in your joy.

You are all being washed and tossed about in the waves of energy infilling and intensely intersecting at this time. As the light grows, the new world, your Terra Gaia, comes in. The light within and around you is steadily increasing. The darkness is diminishing in you and in your world, though you may not see this on the surface. Nevertheless it is so.

Your world is shaking, changing, transforming at the deepest levels. The weather patterns seem unusual. Your beautiful Earth is doing her adjustments as the energy frequency rises. You of humanity are adjusting every day as well. Do you notice you can feel moments of contentment and calmness in your day? The sun on your face, a breeze, wind through the trees, your animals who love you—even such moments as these can be overlit. A moment of grace is not hard to find; it is never far from you.

As the conditions of your world continue to dramatically change, we wish you to know that there is no use to fear or worry. Keep your attention on what is good for you, what is working for you in your life right now. What is in front of you and around you that supports your peace? What sustains your gratitude? Many people worry out of habit. You may find that habit is naturally lessening in you as it serves you not at all.

What serves you is beauty, creativity, love, appreciation, and kindness: words for feelings and states of being that enhance your awareness and your joy. You are all growing in your light frequency, your light capacity. Quite naturally you are radiating more of who you are.

We are with you in every stage of your expansion. Our light enhances and feeds your own. So you might have a moment of utter happiness in the middle of an afternoon, even today. Have it. Feel it. Allow it. This is a way your joy intermingles with your Angels.

This is one way we constantly love you.

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